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elevnue - a new way for urban commuting!

..and you're there.

  • The elevnue starts a new era in public transportation
  • No need for fixed routes or timetables
  • Unique switching mechanism without moving parts in the rail
  • Unique loading solution for the stations

  • The elevnue adds no emmissions to the air we breathe
  • Shared rides - idle capacity is minimized
  • Minimal energy consumption per passanger

  • The elevnue is fully automatic - inexpensive to operate
  • Ecological = Economical
  • Improved service level entices new users for public transportation
  • Designed for minimized maintenance costs

  • The elevnue is immune to traffic lights and jams
  • Average 60 km/h throughout your route - even in rush hours
  • Smaller vehicles means less stops in the stations
  • Fast travelling improves the overall system capacity

  • The elevnue is available 24/7 in all weathers - at your call
  • Easy access for elderly or disabled people
  • New way to move between parking zones and airports, attractions, etc

Ilmatie elevnue is more.